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COBIDU LMS, is a web based software where organizations' asynchronous remote
learning (e-learning) operations can be managed.. Organizations' in house or external
asynchronous e-learning operations can be performed over web based COBIDU-LMS.
Compatible with SCORM standard. Asynchronous e-training available for users
whenever and wherever they want can be provided and managed over COBIDU-LMS.
E-Training can be assigned per department and individual and monitoring as well as
reporting for participants can also be done via this system.


Each user is made to login to systems using passwords and usernames assigned specically
to each user.
Training assignation is made by training manager in per-user basis.
Duration user(s) spent in training(s) are reported in hour and minute format.
Current situations for user(s) like, “Did Not Start / In Progress / Completed” are reported.
Organization can request alterations to previously determined elds (color, text, visual) over
the interface.
Web, Phone, Tablet access is provided.
Users see how many training they are registered to and how many are assigned to them.
Training manager sends bulk notication message to users.
Training manager can suspend any user they want.
Training manager views and manages user prole information.
System is based on international remote training standard SCORM infrastructure. In the system,
all training compatible with SCORM standard are ran and reported.


$1,211.00 Regular Price
$1,150.45Sale Price
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