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COBIDU HTML5 SCORM BASED E-LEARNING SOFTWARE, is an asynchronous e-education software compatible with SCORM, an international e-learning standard. Incorporates e-learning player features with optional, ready-made content and the ability to provide HTML5 or Video content. With this software, readily available e-learning software packages with numerous subjects and categories can be provided for corporate e-learning operations. Occupational/Professional and Personal Development, Leadership/Executive, Legislation, Information and Cyber Security etc. fields are available in e-learning software packages.


Below there is a player image where e-training or video training content is played. Player features are listed as follows: On the player:

1. Forward/Backward Buttons (helps navigate between e-training screens).

2. Content/Curriculum Tree (helps transition between screens),

3. Search Field in Contents Tree (helps search within contact tree/curriculum list and to move to that page/screen),

4. Volume Button (helps adjust volume level),

5. Progress Bar (within the screen/page, shows the length and completed part of the content) Play button (helps pause or resume current page) Refresh button (helps rewatch current screen) are present. Player is developed using HTML5 technology and is developed to work with popular web browsers. Compatible with international SCORM standards. User can continue training previously left unfinished or starts again. Supports finger movements in mobile devices like slide, drag and zoom in/out. 


$143.00 Regular Price
$135.85Sale Price
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