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Extreme Networks AP-7662-680B30-WR-11AC Access Point


WiNG 802.11ac Outdoor Wave 2,MU-MIMO Access Point, 2x2:2, Dual Radio 802.11ac/abgn, internal antenna 


Product Overview
Designed for installation in harsh environments; from hurricane force winds to sub-zero temperature. The AP 7662 Wave 2 802.11ac IP67 outdoor rated
access point extends the ExtremeWireless WiNG enterprise grade wireless coverage outdoors in a sleek form factor that is easy to install against an
exterior wall, pole mounted, or vehicle mounted.

ExtremeWireless WiNG enterprise grade OS includes a comprehensive feature set that delivers a self-optimizing, self-correcting Wi-Fi network
to support devices from a consumer smartphone, enterprise laptop to a mobile computer and mobile printer.
High Performance Application Visibility and Control
With the integrated Deep Packet Inspection engine, the AP 7662 provides on-board application visibility and control right on the AP itself. By running
the full application QoS on the AP in realtime, network bottlenecks are avoided when compared to solutions that require tunneling packets to a
central access controller. Integrated sensor firmware in the AP extends the Extreme Networks AirDefense™ security suite across the network and
outside the building.
With the new AP 7662, your network will get dual band, dual radio 802.11a/b/g/n/ac fully compatible with every wireless device from legacy
802.11abgn devices up to the newest 802.11ac MU-MIMO smartphones.
Cellular Coexistence Filter(ACF) - Minimizes interference from 3G/4G cellular networks, distributed antenna systems and commercial small cell/
femtocell equipment.

Available in two form factors to meet different deployment use cases. The AP 7662i (internal antenna) features an
IP67 outdoor rated enclosure with three distinct mounting options for easy installation. The AP 7662e (external
antenna) features an outdoor rated IP67 enclosure and internal circuity to extend the operating temperature from
-40C to 70C; ideal for maximum range and performance in demanding industrial applications.

Ideal Applications
• Enterprise WLAN
• Retail WLAN for Inventory, Staff, and Guest
• Hospitality
• Transportation and Logistics Warehouses
• Manufacturing Plants
• Warehouse Freezers
• Outdoor Parks and Sports Fields
Key Value
• Light Weight, Compact
• Internal Antenna Option
• External Antenna Option
• Multiple Mounting Systems; Wall, Pole, Vehicle Mount
• 802.3af PoE Mode
• Extended Temperature Spec; -40C to 70C
• Public Safety Enable – 4.9 GHz*
• Japan 802.11j*
• Cellular Coexistence Filter (ACF) Services
• WiNG 5 Distributed Intelligence
• Integrated DPI Engine
• NSiGHT™ Analytics
• AirDefense™ Security Sensor
• ExtremeLocation™
• BLE Push Notifications
• ExtremeCloud™ Cloud-Managed Networking Platform (future)

Extreme Networks AP-7662-680B30-WR-11AC Access Point

$2,422.00 Regular Price
$2,179.80Sale Price
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