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Extreme Networks AP510i-WR-11AX Access Point


Cloud-ready, Dual 5GHz, Dual band, Sensor radio, Dual Radio 802.11ax/ac/abgn, 4x4:4 MIMO Indoor 11ax access point. Internal Antenna


Product Overview
The mobile revolut ion is upon us. Enterprises are implement ing digital transformat ion to connect with users, employees, guests, customers and
IoT devices to help them bet ter understand and manage their business, improve efficiencies, as well as the experience of their brand to customers
and stock holders. However, today s Wi-Fi users have higher expectations, consume more bandwidth, and have less pat ience with a poor Wi-Fi
experience. This is a challenge for every enterprise, as they st ruggle to keep pace with the seemingly exponent ial growth of Wi-Fi demand and
data hungry applications until now.
Designed to expand upon the performance improvement s delivered with 802.11ac wave 2, 802.11ax borrows key technology from cellular to increase
device capacit y and improve spectral efficiency, extract ing more out of available Wi-Fi spectrum. Bottom line, 80 2.11ax will support more users
and IoT devices, providing each the spectrum they require, future proofing enterprise wireless networks, while minimizing the upgrade fatigue they
have been experiencing to date.
Purpose Built to Meet the Needs of Many
Extreme s AP510 i/e is a high performance, enterprise class 80 2.11ax access point at the price/ performance point that is ideal for many verticals,
including; retail, education, hospitality and healthcare. These enterprises need to support a high density of users and IoT devices, while delivering
an exceptional user experience.
The AP510 i/ e is managed by the Smart OmniEdge solution and powered by the WiNG 7 operating system. WiNG s legendary
distributed architecture places the intelligence at the edge where it unleashes the t rue capabilit ies and performance of 80 2.11ax, without
bott lenecks and limits. WiNG incorporates the functionality of a cont roller in each access point , enabling network solut ons with cont roller-less
solutions using a virtual cont roller that support s up to 64 access point s or dist ributed solut ions comprised of branch sites with up to
256 access points per site. The solut ion can scale to 25,000 access point s and are managed with a simple, cloud UI and workflow with ExtremeCloud or
ExtremeCloud Appliance for campus and private cloud networks.

High Density Environments
- Delivers except ional end-user experience even in dense user environment s such as stadiums, large public venues, convent ion centers and school auditoriums
- Industry's first 802.11ax access point with three software programmable modes to opt imally manage Enterprise networks, including a mode for dual 5 GHz radios
for the most dense environment s Connect s More Users and Devices Simultaneously
- Improve user experience and device performance with 4x4:4 5 GHz and 4x4:4 2.4 GHz, with OFDMA technology Latest in Secure Wi-Fi
- Includes the latest WPA3* Wi-Fi security standard delivering robust protect ions for users and IoT devices
Optimizes RF for the Optimal
User Experience
- ExtremeAI and SmartRF uses AI/ ML technology to monitor and automatically adjust Wi-Fi radios to achieve the best coverage and greatest client performance,
even in dynamic RF environments
Redundant PoE
- Mission critical networks for 24/ 7 operations
Cellular Coexistence Filter (CCF)
- Minimizess the impact of interference from cellular networks
Fully Funct ional AP510i on 802.3at
- Capable of being powered on 802.3af Integrated Bluetooth for IoT and Guest Engagement
- Leverage the integrated Bluetooth to connect ion to IoT devices with Thread or engage loyalt y customers with Apple iBeacon. Enterprises can use Google
Eddystone to send advertisement s directly to shoppers, guests, and conference at tendees, even without a loyalty app pre-installed. This makes it ideal for
businesses to advert ise their app-download pages, captive portals, or site-specific information Adaptive Smart OmniEdge
- ExtremeCloud delivers a powerful user experience with simple and secure network management
- ExtremeCloud Appliance is ideal for campus or private cloud requirements

Extreme Networks AP510i-WR-11AX Access Point

$2,312.00 Regular Price
$2,080.80Sale Price
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