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ExtremeNAC SW subscription for 1000 end-systems for 1 Year PartnerWorks Plus [ Term: 5 Year ]


Keep the network edge secure with endpoint security.
With most data breaches starting at endpoints, granular control is
needed for users and loT devices, as well as consistent policies across
the entire network into multicloud. With ExtremeControlTM, an application
available as part of ExtremeCloudTM IQ – Site Engine1, users have
centralized in-depth visibility and control over all endpoints across their
network through one simple, flexible, and easy to consume dashboard.
ExtremeControl securely enables BYOD and loT to protect the network
against external threats. It provides central management and the ability
to define granular policies to meet compliance obligations, as well as
locate, authenticate, and apply targeted policies to users and devices.
ExtremeControl is integrated with major enterprise platforms including
solutions for network security, enterprise mobility management, analytics,
cloud, and data center. In addition, it offers an open northbound API for
customized integrations to key enterprise platforms.

Access Security
• Role-based network access control
for all devices including third-party
networking devices
• Secure guest access and BYOD
• Integration with third-party
solutions such as NGFW, SIEM,
CMDB, internet security, and EMM/
• Secure IoT network access
Operational Efficiency
• Automatic performance alerting
• Single screen for management,
policies, access control, and
application analytics
• Accelerated troubleshooting
via separation of network from
application issues
Business Aligned
• Context-driven, consistent policies
from edge to data center
• Network access prevention
for unauthorized users and
compromised endpoints
• Securely enabled critical initiatives
such as BYOD and loT

Extreme Networks ExtremeNAC SW XIQ-NAC-S-1K-PWP

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