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- H3C IE4300-12P-PWR 8 Port Industrial Switches

- H3C 150W Power Supply for Industrial Ethernet Switch

- H3C IE4300-12P-PWR Next Business Day Support Services


Product overview
H3C Industrial Ethernet 4300 switch series is H3C’s latest industrial Ethernet switches designed for rugged environment and wide
operating temperature. IE4300 switch series adhere to industrial grade hardware design and adopts highly reliable industrial grade
components, while using the highly developed and tested Comware platform to provide a trustworthy Ethernet solution in wide
operating temperature scenarios. IE4300 industrial switch series offer extensive industrial environmental compliance and
certifications, and can be widely used in public transport, traffic management, smart building and other extreme temperature

H3C IE4300-12P-PWR: 8 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet ports (POE+)+ 4 1000 BASE-X SFP optical ports;


Features and benefits
Eceptional Quality, Solid as a Rock
The IE4300 industrial switch series are the latest Ethernet switches developed with industrial compliance and wide operating temperature in mind. All models are built with industrial grade components, with reliability significantly higher than commercial counterparts running under the same conditions.
Fanless natural cooling design. Multiple heat dissipation components such as embedded heatsink and thermal adhesive make it perform consistently under harsh environment. Operating temperature ranges from -40°Cto75°C。
Shock and vibration resistant, dust proof, IP40 compliant.
Support high level electromagnetic shielding, capable of withstanding electrostatic discharge,
surge/burst/electrical fast transients, pulse magnetic field, radiated electrical field.

Hardware specifications

FeatureH3C IE4300-12P-ACH3C IE4300-12P-PWR
Switching capacity24Gbps24Gbps
Forwarding capacity17Mpps17Mpps
(W × D × H)
Weight≤ 1kg≤1kg
Base-T port
SFP port44

H3C IE4300 Series Industrial Switches

FeatureH3C IE4300-12P-ACH3C IE4300-12P-PWR
Single AC: 85~264VAC/100-300VDCDual DC power.
Rated DC voltage: 54-57V.
Max DC voltage: 48-57V *.
Power consumptionMIN: 7W
MAX: 12W
Single DC: 11W Dual DC: 14W
Single DC: 141W Dual DC: 144W
POE/Single DC: 125W
Dual DC: 125W
Operating Environment· International Protection Marking IP40
· Lightning-proof Ethernet Port
· Electro Static Discharge
· Air Discharge: ≥±8.0kV
· Contact Discharge: ≥±6.0kV
· International Protection Marking IP40
· Lightning-proof Ethernet Port
· Electro Static Discharge
· Air Discharge: ≥±8.0kV
· Contact Discharge: ≥±6.0kV

*If customers use 48 V DC input, must use extra boost module to support PoE feature

H3C IE4300-12P-PWR 8 Port Industrial Switches

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