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Redline Communications RDL-3100 XG Elte XR Outdoor Kit Access Point


Wireless Gigabit Ethernet TCP/IP Data Terminal for Dedicated High Capacity Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Backhaul

The RDL-3100 XG provides high-capacity reliable wireless transport for point-to-point
(PTP) trunking and backhaul for services.
The RDL-3100 XG low latency system is used for transporting multiple TCP/IP based
services including transparent LAN, MPLS, IoT, M2M, small cell backhaul,
VoIP and high-resolution video.
The RDL-3100 XP system is simple to setup and operate to provide hitless throughput
up to 466 Mbps over the air (45 MHz channel) for PTP and small sector deployments
comprised of an Ellipse base station and up to 4 remotes.
The Elte is also a drop-in replacement for the RDL-3000 XP Elte-MT 4.9-5.8 GHz
remote terminal with hitless throughput up to 186 Mbps (20 MHz channel) for large
sector deployments (up to 120 RDL-3000 XP and RDL-3100 XG remote terminals).
❏❏ Highly reliable transport for high throughput, low latency PTP/PMP applications
❏❏ High throughput for concurrent transport of M2M telemetry and telecontrol, data,
video and voice services
❏❏ Durable all-weather enclosure for reliable operation in extreme temperatures and
environmental conditions
❏❏ Over-the-air monitoring, configuration and software keyed features enable
upgrades without physical access
❏❏ Software-defined architecture enhances reliability and service lifetime
Use Redline’s ClearView NMS for complete element management and over-the-air
software upgrades. Redline provides a complete selection of peripherals and
professional services for all your deployment needs.
Redline’s patented UWT™ technology provides a truly unified wireless networkin