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SAF Tehnika Integra WS FODU Tx Outdoor Kit Access Point


Integra-W is specifically designed for use with wide channel bandwidths up to 112MHz and supportsup to 1024QAM modulation for network upgrades.IJIJ Full outdoor unit includes radio, modem, PoE splitter with surge arrestor and integrated antenna in asingle hardware design.IJIJ Carefully selected materials for best corrosion resistance and simplified installation with a 50%weight reduction compared to other microwave systems.IJIJ High performance predistortion algorithm enables high Tx power performance.


Integra-W is an unbelievably light, energy efficient carrier-grade system
that exemplifies an outstanding return on smart engineering - the synergy
of high competence in radio electronics and materials science.


Integra-WS Kit
DXXWSRXXXXXXIntegra-WS FODU Tx H/L Unlimited SpeedIntegra-W 6-38 GHz, GE RJ-45 PoE + SFP+ MGMT RJ-45, 1024QAM, H/L1
D0LAES01LicenceIntegra AES encryption licence1
I0AOM001SFP TranceiverSFP 1310nm SM Transceiver1000Base-LX 3.3V1
I0AB4910Power SupplyAC/DC Power supply 48V DC, bare wires, 90W (EU)1
I0ATPI44POE InjectorGbE PoE universal programmable injector1
LP-POE-DIN-IND-01Surge ArrestorEthernet Surge Arrestor PoE-Compatible RJ45 DIN-mount Industrial 2xRJ45 Jacks 10/100/1000BaseT1
CBL-CAT5-IND-150-01Ethernet CableCable Assembly CAT5e Jumper 45.7 m (150 ft) Shielded Outdoor Industrial Terminated 2xRJ451
CBL-CAT5-COM-10-01Patch CordPatch Cord CAT5e 1 m SFTP indoor 2xRJ451
CBL-CAT5-COM-05-01Patch CordPatch Cord CAT5e 0.5 m SFTP indoor 2xRJ451
D0ACGL01Cable GlandCable gland (cable diam. 5.4mm) [to seal connected electrical Ethernet cables]1


Capacity883 Mbps at 112 MHz 1024QAM
Frequency bands6 GHz, 7 GHz, 8 GHz, 11 GHz, 13 GHz, 15 GHz,
17 GHz UL, 18 GHz, 23 GHz, 24 GHz UL,
25 GHz, 26 GHz, 28 GHz, 38 GHz, and more*
Modulation4QAM / 16QAM / 32QAM / 64QAM / 128QAM /
256QAM / 512QAM / 1024QAM
Channel bandwidth
ETSIfrom 56 MHz up to 112 MHz
FCCfrom 40 MHz up to 80 MHz
Gigabit Ethernet
2x RJx45Electrical with built-in PoE splitter
and surge arrestor
1x SFPAlternative to 1x RJx45
Service ports
3.5mmAudible alignment and RSSI
USB B-TypeRS232 serial over USB B-Type
LEDPower On, Link Synchronization, RSL,
Polarization accuracy
Managed Gigabit Switch
ManagementIn-band*, Out-of-band; SNMP v1/2c/3, SSH, Telnet,
HTTPS, Serial, RADIUS, Network Time Protocol
Carrier Ethernet
Performance monitoringPerformance graphs, constellation diagram,
alarms, detailed counters
Antenna typeIntegrated antenna 0.3 m / 1 ft, 0.6 m / 2 ft
Form factor
6-13 GHz280 x 437 x 100 mm / 11.02″ x 17.2″ x 3.9″,
6.5 kg / 14.3 lbs
15-38 GHz235 x 250 x 72 mm / 9.26″ x 9.85″ x 2.84″,
2.9 kg / 6.4 lbs
17/24 GHz235 x 250 x 72 mm / 9.26″ x 9.85″ x 4.37″,
4.9 kg / 10.8 lbs
Temperature range-33 ... +55 °C / -28 … +130 °F


SAF Tehnika Integra-WS Outdoor Kit Access Point

$18,444.00 Regular Price
$16,599.60Sale Price
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