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SAF Tehnika Phoenix G2 ODU + IDU Outdoor Kit Access Point

o Flexible modular wireless system transporting IP with native ASI and TDM data over 2 GHz - 38 GHz radios.
o High spectral efficiency delivering up to 1 Gbps per 2+0 system.
o Flexible configurations including all-indoor or split-mount architecture from 1+0 to 2+0 XPIC up to 8+0 delivering 4+ Gbps over a single path.
o Fully redundant system configurations for protecting every component.
o Very High Power radios for long distance back-haul.
o Ideal microwave system for critical network infrastructure with secure HTTPS/SSH access, FIPS 197 256-bit AES over the air encryption at 99.9999% availability


Supporting channel bandwidths of up to 60 MHz, the PhoeniX G2 enables
transition from TDM only or ASI only networks to hybrid native ASI/T1/E1/
IP networks, providing up to 16 ASI ports for video or up to 64E1/T1 lines for
telephony, and Gigabit Ethernet ports for IP connectivity with total throughput
of up to 1 Gbps in 2+0 configuration

PhoeniX G2 Kit
PXXCXN11XXPhoeniX G2 V ODU H/L Unlimited SpeedPhoeniX G2 V ODU 6-38 GHz, 1024QAM, 7-56 MHz, HP, H/L1
EAGXA261PhoeniX G2 IDUPhoeniX G2 IDU (2xN,4xSFP,3xRJ-45,-48V,half-1U,19”), XPIC, 60 MHz, 1 Gbps, 1+1/2+0, AES1
I0AOM001SFP TranceiverSFP 1310nm SM Transceiver1000Base-LX 3.3V2
I0AB4910Power SupplyAC/DC Power supply 48V DC, bare wires, 90W (EU)1
CLALA001Surge protectorSurge protector for IDU or ODU, N-type1
CXWA60NParabolic AntennaAntenna, Andrew 6-38 GHz 0.6m V/H pol solid parabolic1
CLACLMN900IF CableLMR-400 cable, w/N-type male to N-type male1

SAF Tehnika Phoenix-G2-ODU+IDU Outdoor Kit Access Point

$41,843.00 Regular Price
$37,658.70Sale Price
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