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Stop targeted email attacks that can lead to data breaches or ransomware

Targeted attacks and advanced threats have proven their ability to evade conventional
security defenses and exfiltrate sensitive data, or encrypt critical data until ransom
demands are met. Trend Micro research shows that more than 90 percent of these
attacks begin with a spear phishing email containing a malicious URL or attachment that
is undetectable by standard email or endpoint security.
Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses advanced detection techniques to identify
and block spear phishing emails that are often used to deliver advanced malware and
ransomware to unsuspecting employees. By working in tandem with your existing
secure email gateway or replacing it completely, Email Inspector can detect and block
purpose-built spear phishing emails along with advanced threats and ransomware. Deep
Discovery Email Inspector can be deployed in MTA (blocking), BCC mode (monitor only),
or SPAN/TAP mode.


Key Benefits
Better Protection
• Stops spear phishing emails that start most targeted attacks
• Detects ransomware before damage is done
• Finds the threats invisible to standard email security by using custom sandboxing
Tangible ROI
• Stops targeted spear phishing and ransomware, which means costly damage cleanup is avoided
• Works seamlessly with existing email security solutions
• Shares IOCs with network and endpoint security layers


Works seamlessly with an existing spam filter or secure email gateway to detect
advanced phishing attacks.
Extensive detection techniques
Detects zero-day exploits, advanced threats, ransomware, and attacker behavior.
It uses techniques such pre-execution machine learning, real-time URL analysis,
and custom sandbox analysis to detect known and unknown threats.
Custom sandbox analysis
Uses virtual images that are tuned to precisely match your system configurations,
drivers, installed applications and language versions. This approach improves the
detection rates of advanced threats that are designed to evade standard virtual images.
The custom sandbox environment includes safe external live mode access to identify
and analyze multi-stage downloads, URLs, command and control (C&C), and more.
URL Protection
In addition to customer sandbox analysis of URLs, which follows URL redirects and file
downloads, time-of-click protection is included. When a user clicks on a link, real-time
website analysis is performed with the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™.
Password Extraction
In order to scan encrypted attachments, Email Inspector guesses the password of
protected archives and documents using customizable dictionaries and keywords
found in the message.
Fraud/Business Email Compromise Prevention
A combination of expert rules and machine learning identify fraud emails by looking
for attack indicators and email intention. More stringent protection can be applied to
executives and other important users in your organization.
Gateway Filtering
The optional gateway module enables Email Inspector to filter inbound messages
based on senders, spam and phishing filters, content, and provides outbound
Trend Micro™ Data Loss Prevention™ to fulfill compliance requirements.


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