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This guide provides our customers with information about our support offerings and support processes and
policies, including:
• Trend Micro Online Resources
• Customer and Trend Micro’s Responsibilities
• Submitting a Case Online
• Contacting Trend Micro Support via Telephone
• Trend Micro Severity Definitions
• Support Request Escalation Process
• After Hours Support for Critical Issues
• Support Request Closure
• Language Support
• Additional Support Offerings

Trend Micro Online Resources
Trend Micro offers a wealth of information online for both prospective and existing customers alike ranging
from product documentation, downloads, best practices, and our knowledge base.
Customers are highly encouraged to utilize these links as the first step for all technical troubleshooting and
research, and can request further assistance by submitting a case if an answer is not readily available.
Some key links include:
• Trend Micro Business Support Portal & Knowledge Base (
• Trend Micro Online Product Documentation (
• Trend Micro Download Center (

Trend Micro Technical Support Responsibility
When interacting with Trend Micro Technical Support, you will work with team members in different roles:
Customer Service Engineer (CSE)
When logging a technical support issue with Trend Micro, your case is assigned to a CSE. The CSE is skilled in the product set for which you have logged your issue (e.g. messaging product) and the CSE will be your main point of contact for duration of the support request. Their responsibilities include:
• Responding to you on a specific support request by email or telephone
• Where necessary, attempting to replicate and troubleshoot the issue you have raised
• Researching and identifying a solution for the issue reported
• Working with other teams to identify a solution. This may include, but not limited to, engineering
escalation management.
Customer Service Manager (CSM)
Customers who are part of Trend Micro’s Premium Support Program (PSP) will have access to a CSM. Your CSM will be local to your country or region, and will provide proactive technical account management to help maximize return on your investment in Trend Micro Solutions.


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